Champions Cup. The red card given by Roman Poyet during the Monster Wasp cases

Brad Shields was kicked out of the second grade by Roman Poyet against Monster. (© beIN Sports screenshot) (© beIN Sports screenshots)

yes the Monster Devastated by Covid-19, that hasn’t stopped the Irish club from signing one of the big shows of the weekend, winning an attacking bonus at home. wasps (14-35). The English who played from 24e 14 minutes of play, after Red card Leader Brad Shields.

Roman PoetThe referee of the match that the conduct of the second line of New Zealand descent is guilty of a shoulder load straight into the neck Monster Column, Dave Kilquin. During the video call, Poet privately noted that “the height is too high, he’s not making an effort to get his arm around. There’s not much drop in handling, there’s direct laryngeal contact” to justify this red card.

A decision with disastrous consequences which precipitated the fall of the hornets, very good in the game at the time (score was 0-3, editor’s note).

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Ask Roman Poyet to retire.

across the channel, Cause this decision seriously. ‘Ridiculous decision’, ‘Really rude’, ‘Shields should be fired anyway, rugby gets mad’, could we read here and there among English fans. “I didn’t watch the event closely enough. But some of the people around me weren’t very happy with this decision,” Wasps coach Lee Blackt reacted.

Meanwhile, Romain Poite has been the target of many Englishmen on the web. “Please ask Roman Poyet to retire! He is horrible and he just fired a player, a decision that stunned commentators!!” “Roman Poyet is retiring. Not too soon.” “Poite was the height of horror”, “Poite is the most dangerous man on Earth”, we can especially see in this topic.

Andy Judd: “Boyte strikes again…”

Andy Good, the former opener of XV de la Rose, now a consultant for English television and still highly critical, did not spare Romain Poite, considering this decision “crazy”. “Roman Poyet shoots again, by no means a red card. Crazy decision,” he wrote on Twitter.

On the ground, Roman Poet in particular surprised one of his aides regarding his decision. However, his interpretation seems consistent in this case, and it completely follows the regulations regarding shoulder loads in the neck/head region. This Sunday, through 2e On the day of the Champions Cup, the Wasps will travel to Toulouse. And that’s without Brad Shields…

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