Oreni Kaipara, a New Zealand presenter who appears with a traditional tattoo on her face

Oreni Kaipara, a New Zealand presenter who appears with a traditional tattoo on her face

Oreni Kaibara presents the New Zealand television news at 6 pm. Instagram screenshot / @oriinz

It’s been three years since presenter Oreni Kaibara got a tattoo Moko Kwai on the chin to honor his Maori origins. This week it presents primetime news on a New Zealand channel.

This is a huge step forward for Orini Kaibara. In 2019, the 39-year-old New Zealand presenter made history by being the first woman to wear a watch Moko Kwai, a traditional Maori tattoo, for a TV newscast. This week, she will replace hosts Sam Hayes and Mike McRberts at Newshop Live 6 pm (equivalent to 8 pm in France). “If there was a goal for me, it was to deliver the news during prime time, and that’s what happened,” she told the newspaper in July. things .

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DNA test

In 2017, after finding out through a DNA test that 98% of her ancestors were Maori, Orini Kaipara decided to get this traditional Maori tattoo done. according to Daily Telegraph It represents the family’s heritage and social standing. “It is a rite of passage for Maori women, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood,” the presenter explained.

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The host is proud to showcase this cultural brand during her time on TV, and the host hopes to inspire others to embrace their culture while working hard to achieve their dreams and career aspirations. “Every step I take is like breaking a glass ceiling,” she told the outlet. things. “It’s a step forward for us as Maori, but also for people of color. Whether you have Moko Kwai first.”

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