Oran: Soon to receive a new green space in Siddiqia

Oran: Soon to receive a new green space in Siddiqia

As a reminder, this city, built by Italians in the early 1980s (hence its nickname!), was riddled with asbestos. At the beginning of the 2000s, the authorities were already talking about demolishing it, a project that was constantly postponed until 2016 when the first initial allotments were granted to its residents with the aim of rehousing them in other conditions.

We had to wait until 2022 for the project to be a complete success and for the asbestos-contaminated building blocks to be demolished. Today, we have decided to create a new park, which in the eyes of many is not a bad idea, because it allows, on the one hand, to enhance the green spaces of Oran, a city that “can no longer be bloated” with “concrete” and on the other hand, to give the people of Oran, especially the residents Al Siddiyah, another relaxing space where they can go and relax, especially during hot summer nights.

A space, by the way, that will connect to the Mediterranean Garden, located a few hundred meters away, or even to Sidi Mohammed Park, below. From its appearance, and with some nuances, this new space in Al-Siddiqia looks exactly like a Mediterranean garden, because it is also equipped with some kiosks to serve as cafeterias and restaurants, a water stream crossed by a metal pedestrian bridge, and a large grassy area. areas, and a bit of modernity though: against the backdrop of a strip-shaped real estate project, a huge mural of Santa Cruz Castle is painted.

There is also the creation, in a state of disarray, of palm trees which, if they make their impact aesthetically, some regret this choice arguing that palms, unlike other tree species, are completely ineffective in providing shaded walking. Regions.

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There is also a small outdoor theater in this park, with a small stage set up to host all kinds of night shows during the summer, concerts, solo shows and more. On the other side of this space, a good field has been created for athletes: a tennis court and two small courts, a basketball and a football field.

If the work goes well and reaches its end, we do not yet know whether this space will be ready for operation at the beginning of Ramadan or whether families will have to be patient for a few more days.

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