Ōra King, il wagyu del mare è un salmone che arriva dalla Nuova Zelanda

Ōra King, wagyu sea is salmon that comes from New Zealand

Often referred to as “Wagyu del Mare”،ra King is a unique and rare type of salmon King.

It was raised in the crystal clear waters of New Zealand, Ōra king of salmonAppreciated by top chefs and featured on the menus of more than 1,300 high-profile restaurants around the world, it is now also available to Italian consumers.

Characteristics of New Zealand King Salmon

Sustainably raised (stocking density Only 2% of fish and about 98% of water) in pure pure water for Marlboro sounds in a new Zeland،ra King is the result of more than 25 years of meticulous breeding. Who chooses the best king of salmon Marking it with the Ōra King brand.

Vibrant orange, with its roundness, fullness, buttery texture and the typical streaks of marbling drippings, this salmon is known for its sweetness.

Ora the King in Italy

Ōra King from New Zealand is distributed in the United States, Australia, Asia and major European markets, and is an absolute quality product.

Although so far it is only available in Italy to gourmet gourmets through it Selecta Spa, Gran Chef Premium Food e Oyster Oasis, The brand has managed to build a distribution network in the region, expanding the offer to include all salmon lovers.

Today it is actually possible to buy the product online at palatifini.itAnd 24fish.com; Kuccagnamarket.it In three different shapes. there Ōra King FilletAnd High quality frozen slices carefully sealed; Ōra king of salmon entire, Manually selected sample, e Ōra king of salmon cold smoker, handy and prickly fillet, seasoned with sea salt and brown sugar, and slowly smoked over low heat with manuka wood.

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Top and Bottom: Ōra King salmon Translated by Chef Felix Le Passo
Image in text: Sustainable Agriculture in New Zealand

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