Men arrested for trying to cross a hoop with Kentucky products in New Zealand |  Community

Men arrested for trying to cross a hoop with Kentucky products in New Zealand | Community

New Zealand Police


It may seem unusual, but the New Zealand police managed to catch a couple carrying Lots of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kentucky) in their torso when they tried to evade health collar What is there to enter a city Auckland.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardernannounce it 1.6 million people From the city of Auckland was to remain confined as part of containment strategy from covid-19.

Kentucky Fried Chicken smuggling

According to the information he shared WatchmanThe two men were arrested after the police found it in the Trunk There was a lot of fried chicken and more 100 thousand New Zealand dollars in cash.

New Zealand Police

The authorities claimed that the arrest took place afterwards They allegedly tried to escape A police station near the Auckland border.

This news was born Anger in New Zealand Because they carry a A month in strict level from the fourth closing, Which Not allowed that Restaurants are open Or residents can Output order.

New Zealand Police

In this context, the officers announced that Huge amount of food It can be recognized as smuggling Through current health measures.

“Officers noticed a suspicious vehicle traveling on a gravel road, and upon seeing the police car, the vehicle was make a turn “He was quick to try and evade the police,” a police spokesperson told The Guardian.

The week before, they also had man arrested Who tried to cross the Auckland border to search for a McDonald’s.

Finally, the police officers confirmed that the content they were transmitting was at least Three pieces of chicken, Even 10 pots with coleslaw saladAnd Four bags with more products and one Undisclosed quantity of fries.

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