Opening New Zealand borders according to risks

Opening New Zealand borders according to risks

The opening of New Zealand’s borders will be gradual. Even if the Unite against covid-19 platform indicates that it will be from 1 November only for fully vaccinated travelers. At the moment, Polynesia is not yet interested.

“Full vaccination will become mandatory for non-New Zealand citizens arriving in the country from 1 November.” This message is from the New Zealand platform Unite against COVID-19 It has been interpreted by many as the opening of the New Zealand border from November 1 for only fully vaccinated travelers.

Apparently, we’ll have to wait at least another 6 months before we can fly from Tahiti to New Zealand. The reopening of the borders is not planned until the first half of 2022. The New Zealand government, very committed to the health rules, has announced that a full vaccination schedule will be imposed on all travelers who wish to set foot in a country with a long white cloud.

In Tahiti, Air New Zealand has been closed to the public since the health crisis and all flights between Papeete and Auckland have been canceled until March 2022. But its director, Christelle Pooley, is ready to schedule flights if the New Zealand government announces it will reopen. Above all, you hope to get out of these limitations very quickly.

According to her, in addition to the fact that travelers wishing to go to New Zealand must be fully vaccinated, the opening should take place according to the risks of each country assessed by the New Zealand government: high, medium or low.

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