Only 4% of the population hears “tinnitus.” What is this mysterious noise?

Only 4% of the population hears “tinnitus.” What is this mysterious noise?

Since the 1970s, a strange sound of slight muffled vibration has been heard, both outside and at home. Only 4% of the population would be sensitive to it, enough to fuel conspiracy theories.

As the story says Watchman, and some compare it to A truck is constantly breaking down or a plane is flying over your house without ever leaving or leaving for its destination. According to the testimonies, the intensity of the noise will be stronger in the evening, indoors … But where does this “buzz” come from, which seems to affect only 4% of the population?

there is a card (hum world map and database), put online in 2012 to list all the manifestations of buzz around the world. Today it has more than 10,000 phenomena.

Hum debuts in Bristol

In the 1970s, in Bristol, dozens of locals were disturbed by the constant buzzing. Don’t know where to complain, send messages au Bristol Evening Post To explain what was happening to them. What might sound insignificant (a slight buzzing sound) could have been the cause of many accidents in the area and possibly two suicides as well.

So at that time we finally attributed the buzz to Large industrial fans in use in a warehouse near Avonmouth, some locals claim they have never stopped and can still be heard.

Other cities in the UK have similar cases and there have been numerous complaints of nuisance nuisance. Heathy, Plymouth and Swansea are among the worst affected cities. If some somewhat wobbly explanations are offered (fish mating noises in particular), the fact that the same noises are heard in the same way in different places so far away maintains the mystery.

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Buzz in Oregon, USA

An Oregon city is betting on the famous buzz that locals have heard. Initially seen as a minor background buzz, the story was carried by the media to the point of becoming a source of conspiracy theories. Locals and tourists searching for the source of this noise fueled psychosis.

“Some theories have suggested a Yeti mating, an alien ship trying to contact us, or even biblical trumpets signaling the end of time.”Police Captain Mike Herb says to NBC.

What does science say about tinnitus?

Time and time again, science has tried to explain this hum heard around the world. For example, in 1973, it was suggested that contact between instruments and slowly moving air could cause a very low-frequency sound that could then be amplified by electric pylons.

In 2015, a The study has been published by a team of French scientists suggest that the cause of the hum is the resonance of ocean waves to the ocean floor and the shaking of the Earth by colliding with the continental shelves. The existence of this echo has been proven, but it is 10,000 times lower than the frequencies that the human ear can pick up.

According to the Guardian, other scientists have suggested that vibrations caused by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes may be responsible (the Krakatoa eruption in 1883 left Earth reverberating for days).

Finally, another theory found the explanation in thunderstorms. Lightning striking the Earth every day would create a huge electromagnetic charge that would resonate the air between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere (an ionized layer of the atmosphere), thus creating a noise.

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Whatever the numerous theories, there is still no universal scientific consensus to explain the phenomenon of tinnitus.

The most controversial theory to explain tinnitus

Since science has not found a universal explanation, the craziest theories circulate among science, conspiracy theory, and New Age spirituality.

The fact that tinnitus did not appear officially until the 1970s leads many to believe that there is an association with the new technology developed by humans. As The Guardian explains, “We are constantly attacked by high and low frequencies, which our brain effectively eliminatesUnder these circumstances, is it possible to have electricity, gas, or cell phone towers? Is it the cause of tinnitus?

Other theories explain this The ultra-low frequency radio signals used by submarines can affect the soft tissues in our skulls that stimulate the auditory nerve, The effect of the acoustic microwave has been studied by scientists.

And we don’t count the mind-control theories of governments or the 5G responsible for them.

Today, there is no satisfactory explanation for the scientific community and the people who are the victims of this buzz.

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