Living Room: Bam! Pop Culture Festival, Lucien Jean Cultural Space, November 13, 2021, Marly-la-Ville.

Salon: Bam! Folk Culture Festival
Lucien Jean Cultural Space, Saturday 13 November at 10:00
bam! Pop Culture Festival Makes Its Own Living Room! In the Lucien Jean Cultural Space and in the sports hall in Marly-la-Ville, manga, comics, video games, games of all kinds, exhibitions, performances, meetings, and many other activities are on this day’s menu dedicated to pop culture. Filming the wonderful Dolorean from Back to the Future, learning about the lightsaber, crossing the Diagon Alley and perfecting your knowledge of the Harry Potter world, playing video game consoles, wandering the gallery dedicated to Mathieu Bablet or singing at the top of your voice with the Mangakyô set … a few examples of what awaits you At the event so you don’t miss out on family and friends and with the cutest costumes for you! [CLIQUEZ POUR OUVRIR LE PROGRAMME](
Free entry / wearing a mask and submitting a mandatory health permit

Lucien Jean Cultural Center rue Marcel Petit 95670 Marly La Ville Marly La Ville Le Clos Millard Val d’Oise

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2021-11-13T10:00:00 2021-11-13T20:00:00