Online Training: Dr. Judith Rivers: There Should Be a National Women's Soccer Team!

Online Training: Dr. Judith Rivers: There Should Be a National Women's Soccer Team!

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Dr. Judith Rivers: There must be a German women's national football team! – Using the film in various ways in German as a foreign language

How can we use our students’ interest in women’s football to enhance their language knowledge and skills, introduce them to the language of films and at the same time promote critical thinking, creativity and intercultural understanding? This training seminar presents many practical examples for different age groups and levels on how to integrate film elements (including film trailers, trailers, etc.) into German as a foreign language lesson and use them in a variety of ways.

woman Dr. Judith Rivers She is a language and media teacher, and her teaching and research focus particularly on how authentic texts, and above all the medium of film (and filmmaking) and philosophical approaches can help to foster intercultural understanding and creativity. Most recently, she led a foreign language teacher training course (PGCE) at Goldsmiths, University of London, having led Abitur classes in German and co-led a Spanish subject at an English language school, as well as a school-based internship programme for teachers in charge. She has previously worked as a foreign language teacher at University College London, the Institute of Education (IoE), and at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, as well as in a number of primary and secondary schools at home and abroad. She has been a UK network partner for the OeAD on Language and Culture. She is a board member of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has published numerous articles and book chapters and is currently writing her first book. Her short films have been screened at the London Feminist Film Festival and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London, among others.

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