One of the most popular Chrome extensions will be banned by Google in 2024

One of the most popular Chrome extensions will be banned by Google in 2024

The transition to Manifest V3 will be a watershed moment not only for Google, but also for the broader community of Chrome users and developers.

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In 2024, Google will change the game when it comes to Chrome extensions. With the arrival of Manifest V3, the idea is to make extensions more secure and better protect user privacy. But this modernity doesn’t just make people happy. It’s something that worries a lot of people, especially those who use ad blockers. To respond to the criticism, the Chrome team has added new features, but they are still determined to drop the old extensions in 2024.

The countdown has begun. Starting in June 2024, starting with Chrome version 127, Google will automatically start disabling extensions that still use Manifest V2. It will start with developer versions of Chrome, such as Chrome Dev, Canary, and Beta. If the extension is still present on the old system, you will no longer be able to download it from the Chrome Web Store. Therefore developers are encouraged to update before this date. Google wants to do this little by little, taking into account user feedback to ensure everyone understands what is changing and what the alternatives are.

The case of uBlock Origin: A paradox for ad blockers

Among the most affected extensions is uBlock Origin, a widely used ad blocker known for its effectiveness. More than just an ad blocker, uBlock Origin also filters out trackers and other tracking devices, providing “cleaner” browsing. Disabling these extensions raises questions about the balance between security, privacy, and user freedom online. The community is wondering about possible alternatives and how these changes will affect the daily user experience.

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