New launch of Starship rocket

New launch of Starship rocket


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Space: A new launch of the Starship rocket

Space: A new launch of the Starship rocket – (France 2)

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France 2 – S Subani

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The giant rocket that Space Update on the 20 Hours collection with journalist Saada Suban.

A huge challenge awaits Elon Musk once again. “It is the largest and most powerful rocket in history: 120 meters high, 33 engines, with a thrust force of 7,200 tons.”“, points out journalist Saada Suban, on the set of 20 Hours. “Beyond these numbers, Starship is above all a new reusable technology. It has two modules: in the first stage, there is a launcher, and in the second stage, there is the heart of the machine, the spaceship.”She continues. This modular ship can transport satellites like a crew of astronauts.

NGOs condemn the environmental impact

Saturday, November 28 will mark another attempt to leave the spacecraft. It is scheduled to take off from Texas (United States), on a 6-minute flight to the Gulf of Mexico, where the first stage separates and then collides with the sea, while the second revolves around the Earth’s orbit, ending its race in the water. After 90 minutes in the Pacific Ocean.

theoretically. Because during the first test in April, engineers lost contact after four minutes and caused the missile to explode. It has caused environmental damage, which has alerted some NGOs. In fact, 1.3 million liters of water will be needed on Saturday to prevent a fire at the shooting range. The trial will cost $581 million.

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