On Amazon, The Disturbing Business of Books by ChatGPT

On Amazon, The Disturbing Business of Books by ChatGPT

44 Error: AI reflections from behind the firewall; A Princesa Manu and Imara’s Crazy Curl, three book covers written with the help of ChatGPT. Source: Amazon

Survey – Many businesses, designed in a few hours using artificial intelligence, suddenly see the light of day.

One fine winter’s morning, in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, a young mother, Colleen Blanchett, decides to fulfill her granddaughter Scarlett’s dream: to write a book. A few days before she blows out the candle for her third birthday, they discuss together the idea of ​​creating a story about a little heroine who has superpowers thanks to her curly hair.

“We identified the main ideas and characteristics of our personality and made written notes in a draft,” says the American Figaro. Then, within a few hours, the magic of the AI ​​took care of the rest.

The ChatGPT chatbot (which became publicly available last November) wrote the text for the book based on requests from Blanchette’s family, while the Midjourney tool visualized it and designed its cover.

Easy money, limited time

Just a few days later, on February 10, the digital edition of The crazy braid of AmaraOccurred…

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