How to create a simple and customized Windows 11 system

How to create a simple and customized Windows 11 system

The developer behind the excellent Tiny11 has just posted a video explaining how to easily create a light and customized copy of Windows 11.

Good news: If you have an old, underpowered PC or simply aren’t officially compatible with Windows 11, you’ll still be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s new operating system. Well almost. A well-known developer, known by the pseudonym NTDEV, has already released Tiny11 at the beginning of February 2023, a modified and light version of Windows 11. In fact, Tiny11 is content with 2 GB of RAM – against the 4 GB minimum for the official version – and 8 GB of disk space – for 20 GB – without the need, in principle, of the famous TPM 2.0 chip, which allows it to be installed on computers several years old. However, recognizing the fact that many do not want to install a modified – and therefore illegal and potentially dangerous – version of the system on their computers, NTDEV had the very good idea of ​​showing all those interested how to proceed to making their own personal copy. , via a video available on YouTube. Nice ! Attention, the video, which lasts 16 minutes, is without words: you have to follow the instructions on the screen. And they have some technical knowledge, because the process is not within everyone’s reach…

Another good news for hackers: NTDEV is offering an ARM version of Tiny11 for a few days. Like the first version, it allows you to install and use a light and improved version of Windows 11 on ARM-based devices, the popular Raspberry Pi mini PC and Macs with Apple Silicon M1 or M2 chips – but only through a virtual machine. This opens up a field of possibilities for this very special version.

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Tiny11: Unofficial hacked version

To achieve this feat, as explained on NewenNETDEV started with the 22H2 release of Windows 11 Pro, which got rid of everything it considered unnecessary: ​​in particular the various programs and services that are included and installed by default – Pre-installed applications, which can be manually uninstalled in all versions of Windows using a specialized tool (see our article). The result: an optimized system, without the plug-ins that weigh it down and without the TPM chip control that blocks Windows 11 on many PCs. Even better, with Tiny11, you don’t even have to use a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 – again, there are different techniques for doing this in the official version (check our article). On the other hand, you still need a valid license key to get the system up and running: it is not a pirated version – and “free” – as you can find everywhere on the Internet, especially on direct download sites (see our article). Note that today we find activation keys at very low prices (see our article). Anyway, Tiny11 is not official. Above all, nothing says that this modified version accepts Windows 11 updates, in particular security patches, essential for a quiet use, even if its developer confirms the opposite. For the rest, and according to the testimonials of testers left at the Internet Archive, this “mod” seems to work perfectly.

Download Tiny11 from the Internet Archive

The technology used by NTDEV is not new: hackers have long enjoyed modifying operating systems to adapt them to their needs, and since the early 2000s there have been multiple versions of custom Windows XP, some light, others enriched (XP Beetle Edition, XP often Reborn, XP Pure Power, Windows XP Ultimate Edition, etc. are compatible with light configurations (64 Mo of RAM, for example…).In any case, these versions are illegal, because they override the rights granted under the user license which states that Microsoft is the sole owner of the Windows code. However, this practice continues, much to the delight of amateurs. If this adventure – and the potential chills it can provide – tempts you, be well aware of the risks involved, both as a matter of law and security Your computer and your data: Unless you’re a verified developer, it’s hard to know exactly what exactly is hidden in these modified versions, which can host spyware and other malware…

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Whether it’s Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 11, or today’s Windows 11, all of these tweaks prove at least one thing: It’s possible to improve Windows by ridding it of a bunch of unnecessary — and sometimes unwise — elements to make it compatible with older devices. modest computer. Microsoft should take the seed…

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