Olympic Football Tournament 2020 - men - news - coaches' reactions

Olympic Football Tournament 2020 – men – news – coaches’ reactions

Tokyo 2020 draw – men

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  • The official lottery for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic men’s football tournament
  • Host Japan will face South Africa in Group A.
  • This was how the different coaches and players reacted to the draw

An exciting milestone was reached on the way to the gold medal in Tokyo 2020 when the official draw for the Zurich men’s Olympic football tournament was held.

Host Japan will meet South Africa in their opening match, while Brazil and Germany, who played in the Rio 2016 final, are in Group D, complemented by Ivory Coast and Saudi Arabia. Another exciting group is Egypt, Spain, Argentina, and Australia.

Tokyo 2020: Official Draw Results (Men)
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Group A.

“I think it will be a difficult group. It will be difficult to reach the knockout stage. Our goal is not just to pass the group stage, but to win the gold medal. No matter which group we are on our way to goal we need players who can influence the field, and who were members.” Essential in the national team, they have experience in maintaining team stability and can work well with U-24 players. I think we desperately need older players to do that. Better. “
Hajime Moriyasu (Japan coach)

Japan Olympic soccer team coach Hajime Moriyasu and head coach of Japan women's soccer team Asako Takakura watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic soccer tournament draw
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“We now know who our opponents are. It was a tough draw but it is good and I’m very excited. This is a group where preparation is vital. If we give everything we can, we can reach the knockout stage.”*
David Notwan (South Africa coach)

“It is a promising group in terms of entertainment with an interesting variety of football. Mexico is a reference for the Olympic football tournament where they won the tournament against Brazil in 2012. Everyone knows that Japanese football has improved. Our group will play in Tokyo is sure to be in The Olympic Village at the heart of the Olympic Games is a special matter. “
Sylvain Ripoll (France coach).

Ripoll - gold digger

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Ripoll – gold digger

Guppe b

“First of all, I’m really excited to talk about international football after last year. The whole team has been waiting for the opportunity to represent the country and I’m happy to go to Japan to do it. Nothing. Easy matches in international football, but it’s fair to say that we succeeded.” In avoiding some of the big countries traditionally. Maybe I owe Ryan a drink for that. We can’t wait to get to Japan and play now, to really test ourselves on the world stage. “
Danny Hay (New Zealand)

“No team is weaker than us. I’ll make sure to do our best and win a medal.”
Kim Hakbaum (Coach, Republic of Korea)

South Korea celebrates winning the AFC U-23 Championship 2020.
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“Football has things from the past because you cannot forget your history in order to move forward. You can dream, get excited, plan for the future, but in reality, football is the present. So we can strive to improve that, but you should not be bound by previous results. Because they are not the same players, the same coach or the same tournament. The comparisons are worthless in this case. “
Miguel Valero (Honduras coach) talks about whether he feels the pressure after finishing fourth in Rio 20216

“At first glance it looks like a good group, but it is unpredictable. I am sure we will do well. I said before Euro 2019 that we will go to the finals to make life difficult for every opponent and qualify for the Olympics. I say I want an Olympic medal.”
Merrill Radoy (Coach, Romania)

Matti Merrill Radoy, coach of Romania
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Guppe C.

Egypt coach Shawky Gharib followed the draw with his crew in Cairo. The Pharaohs They will compete as the African Champions in Tokyo 2020.

We love the draw because we want to see this important event and because we are excited to have this experience. We are very excited because it is a unique event with high expectations across the country and we know that the entire Spanish sports world will follow. We are in a very difficult group. Besides Australia, we are three. Continental champions. It will definitely be difficult. “
Luis de la Fuente (Spanish coach)

“Now we can start analyzing every competitor. We know that Spain is one of those teams where you have to focus and play a perfect match to beat them. I’m not looking for excuses. No matter who we face we have to score, we have to play. To get there, you have to face off.” The best. Argentina has a history in world football and you have to work in every match. “
Fernando Batista (Argentina coach) speaks to Radio Cologne

“I think it was a great draw for us. It will be a great experience for our kids. In the past, matches against Argentina have shown the best Australian soccer players. Playing against a major African country like Egypt and Spain is a great opportunity for us to show what we can do. The Olympic Games are the second biggest.” A stage in international football after the World Cup. The next few months provide a great opportunity for our team to do well, but also for individuals to take the next step in their careers. “
Graham Arnold (Australia coach)

Australia coach Graham Arnold during a training session
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Group D.

“It is a big start for us – a global classic, the final of the last Olympic Games, in a stadium where we remember very well the World Cup Final won by Brazil.”
Andre Jardin (Brazil coach)

“One cannot talk about the typical German luck in the draw. I think groups C and D will be the hardest. In Ivory Coast, 80 to 90 percent of the players play in Europe. I saw Saudi Arabia in the Asian Championships in Thailand, the team has a style.” Unusual in gameplay and a special mindset, and you don’t have to say much about Brazil – we all remember the wonderful matches between the major national teams and the 2016 Olympic Games Final. We know that the Olympic Games in Brazil are very important. It will be a great experience for us and we really look forward to it. ” .
Stefan Kuntz (Germany coach)

Kuntz: "This goes way beyond football"

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“Represent your country with honor,” said Saad Al-Shehri from Saudi Arabia.

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