Julia Krajewski aus Deutschland auf Amande de B`Neville holt Gold. Alle bisherigen Ergebnisse für Deutschland im Reiten bei Olympia 2021 im Überblick. Wie viele Medaillen holte das deutsche Team im reiten bisher?

Olympia 2021 riding results: race, jump, dressage – the next gold medal for the German riding team

horse racing rider Julia Kragoski Wins The first wife went I singles At the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 32-year-old from Warrendorf stayed in the final on Monday boom – leap On the mare Amande de B’Neville without falling. the German juvenile rider collected with the fourth Olympic Games One by one one medal. Thanks to the distinguished perfomance The German has already succeeded RidingPrepare a few days before the first place in the first team gold medal To get then also in the dressage singles gold and silver To clarify.

For juvenile cyclist Michael Jung, the dream of an Olympic gold trilogy is over. took eleven penalty point It fell to tenth place. German Triathlon team he have medal Lost.

2021 Olympics: Julia Kragowski wins gold

After the last golden jump at Olympus, he ruptured Julia Kragoski He raised a fist and then repeatedly pointed at her horse: it was the 32-year-old with “Dear Lioness” Amandy de Banville. as the first woman Absolutely Olympic Champion in a cleverness. After changing from the unlucky Eternal Mary to the Golden Knight of Stallgasse, Krajewski fell with tears around the neck of everyone who came in her path.

For the passenger herself, this gold is a “material from which films are made.” Because Krajewski has recently had “sad personal moments, everything to be experienced in ups and downs” for a few years. In Tokyo, things weren’t down, they were on top. She beat Britain’s Tom McQueen with Toledo and Australia’s Andrew Howe with Vasily.

Krajewski capped a race to catch up with fourth place in dressage and a flawless cross-country ride with two rounds of faultless jumping. She secured her fourth consecutive gold medal for Germany after Heinrich Rumica in 2008 and Michael Jung in 2012 and 2016. The rider from Lingen, who has also been a junior national coach since 2017, had a good starting position in the last round due to former Briton lead Oliver. Townend had a throw with Ballaghmor Class.

Olympia brilliance 2021: individual placement results and penalty points

Julia Kragowski kept her cool and shrieked with joy at the Olympic gold in the Tokyo night sky. How are the outcomes and placements in individual events?

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  • gold: Julia Kragoski Warndorf v Amandy de Benville 26.00 penalty points
  • Silver: Tom McEwen (Great Britain) with Toledo de Quercier 29.30
  • Bronze: Andrew Hoy (Australia), Mitt Vasili de Lassus, 29.60
  • 4. Kazuma Tomoto (Japan) with Vinci de la Vin 31.90
  • 5. Oliver Townend (Great Britain) with Ballaghmor Class 32.40
  • 6. Nicolas Touzant (France) in absolute gold – 33.90
  • 7. Christopher Six (France) with Totem de Pressy 35.20
  • 8. Michael Jung (Horp) with a squirrel 36.10

Olympiad versatility: Team results – placements and penalty points

For the German team, it was not enough to get a medal in the events. the following Places And penalty point The difference is:

  • gold: Great Britain (Oliver Taunin, Laura Collette, Tom McQueen) 86.30 penalty point
  • silverTwo Australians (Shane Rose, Kevin McNab, Andrew Howe) 100,20
  • Bronze: France (Christopher Six, Nicolas Tousant, Karim Al-Aghwaq) 101.50
  • 4. Germany (Julia Kragowski/Warndorf, Sandra Ovarth/Ganderksi, Michael Jung/Horp am Neckar) 114.20
  • 5- New Zealand 116.40
  • 6. USA 125,80
  • 7- Italy 144.80
  • 8. Ireland 177.00
  • 9. China 209, 60
  • 10- Switzerland 339.40

Individual dressage at the 2021 Olympics: gold and silver for Germany

One day after winning the team competition Dressage contestant Jessica von Bredow-Werndl He was also named Olympic champion in singles. The 35-year-old pointed to her mare Dalera at Grand Prix Core Seven-time Olympic champion Isabelle Wirth (Rheinberg) with Bella Rose in second place. Bronze Went to British Charlotte Dujardin on Geo. For the German Olympic team this was the year 3rd gold medal in Tokyo.

Isabel Wirth Missed her a silver medal, in the list of the most successful German Olympic entrants 1st runner Birgit Fischer To open. With seven golds and five silvers, the 52-year-old is still second to the kayak driver, who has racked up eight golds and four silvers.

Olympic results 2021: Germany’s second gold medal

The German dressage team wins again gold: with 8178 points She fell win over Before the American Trio (7747) and Great Britain (7723). Isabel Wirth He earned 83.298 percentage points and built the German lead ahead of the finalist Jessica von Prideaux Ferndl with Dalyra. Great Britain and the United States follow in second and third places. fourth is Denmark.

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Dorothy Schneider The German dressage team was in Olympic Games Hit a gold track with great performance. On Showtime from Hanover, the 52-year-old from Framersheim was the first German female contestant in the Special Grand Prize Only a small wiggle in the piaffe lane and ran for a while, but it reached 80,608 percentage point He took care of the temporary leadership. He is the fourteenth German gold team In the field since 1928.

Great Britain He was in the Silver Cycle in the beginning after that Karl Hester He scored 78,344 points with En Vogue and they looked like they were Denmark and the United States of America In the game of cat and mouse Bronze concerned. But the American Adrian Lyles She did well and scored 76,109 points with Salvino, giving her team a solid foundation to build on. Stephen Peters and Sosenkasper consolidated their lead with 77.766 points.

Catherine Dufour The Bohemians were the last couple to start with Denmark, but unfortunately 77,720 points weren’t enough to keep the country in the race, especially when American Shot Kerry followed with an incredible 81,596 points. Denmark was out of the race and suddenly the British silver medalist was in danger too. It was the high score of Charlotte Dujardin and Geo that kept Britain ahead after Lottie Fry and Everdale with 76,894 points.

Jessica von Prideaux-Werndel, Isabel Wirth and Dorothy Schneider win the gold

Hand in hand, Isabelle Wirth and her colleagues climbed to the top of the podium—when they reached the top, the beaming trio raised their arms together. “Simply gorgeous,” cheered the Bredow-Werndl German finalist. Schneider also said, “We’re a great team!” She also praised: “Super horses, super knights!” Werth fared better than Schneider with her mare Bella Rose. He commented “I’m really happy with Bella, she did a great job” The most successful racer in the world.

Dorothy Schneider (left), Isabel Wirth and Jessica von Prideaux-Werendl of Germany cheer during the awards ceremony. The German dressage team won the gold medal, ahead of the USA and Great Britain.
© Photo: Friso Gentsch / dpa

Upcoming horse riding competitions at Olympia 2021

On Friday, July 30, the German riders continued. Event competitions have begun. it lasts for Until August 2 craftsmanship made up of Three sub-tasks: dressage, field test and jumping.

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Riding in the 2021 Olympics: All about the schedule and broadcast on TV

Equestrian enthusiasts can join until August 7, 2021 dressage riding like that Competitions I boom – leap and in horse riding races Be happy. But on what days and what time can dressage, jumping and competitions be seen at the 2021 Olympics? ARD, ZDF, live broadcast, live broadcast Where will the 2021 Olympics ever be broadcast? An overview and answers to these questions can be found here for reading.
Schedule, play time, broadcast, TV - when do German women and men play hockey?

Olympia 2021 Dressage Riding Procedure – How do the riding results appear?

I be SaturdayJuly 24, 2021 was the first day of individual and group dressage riding on Sunday the second day. the Grand prize Calculated in Tokyo as qualification For team decisions and individual assessment. There are six groups of ten riders each, including 15 teams and 15 individual riders. The top eight Grand Prix teams will determine the team’s Olympic champion in the Grand Prix Special on July 27. Three passengers make up a team, and there is no longer a cancellation score, all scores are included in the evaluation. The Grand Prix Freestyle is all about individual medals on July 28, and the best couple from each Grand Prix group and six “lucky losers” qualify for this event.

the groups It consists according to the new regulations in Tokyo – unlike before – only three mating. All results matter, as usual in the FIFA World Cup and the World Cup Result of deletion Not applicable.

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