Official mess!  The head of the refugee agency is on vacation

Official mess! The head of the refugee agency is on vacation

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Again only a temporary line! The State Office for Refugees (600 employees) is never in first place – despite its many problems.

then: The interim president is on leave in New Zealand from Monday and should be replaced by a temporary solution – by Foreign Minister Winky Kristof, 42. But she only wants to appear in the office twice a week.

The personnel circle has been triggered by the departure of veteran chief Aleksander Strasmyr (58). The former CDU politician had had a painful four-year job and finally looked frustrated. It is a job under the supervision of politicians from left to right. The attorney moved to another state office (LAGeSo, 1,000 employees).

The position was temporarily taken over by a former Head of Department: Karina Harms. At the time, responsible Senator Katya Kipping (44, left) said “…until the end of the bidding process for the new presidential position.”

Selection interviews are not scheduled to begin until March. As BZ has learned, there is another temporary solution from today until March 29 with Foreign Minister Christophe. due to Harms’ long-distance flight. “It should be possible for employees in managerial positions to recover after a year of crisis. Last but not least, it is a matter of statutory leave entitlements,” said LAF spokesperson Sascha Langenbach.

But: The office faces daunting challenges: 14,707 asylum seekers came in 2022 alone, barely fewer than in 2016. In addition, there were refugees from Ukraine, some 60,000 of whom wanted to stay in the city. Finding and obtaining more and more accommodations is a major challenge for the state office.

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Volatility is not high only at the management level (another department head left). Last year, about 80 employees left the state office, about 15 percent. It is difficult to find qualified young people.

Why is Harms, who did so well in the post, not moving forward and staying last? It cannot because it does not have the requirements of the civil service with the specified service times.

The position of the last regular head was paid according to the B4 salary level (ie approx. 8900€/gross/month).

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