OFC Nations Cup 2024: New Zealand will face Vanuatu in the final

OFC Nations Cup 2024: New Zealand will face Vanuatu in the final

On Thursday, June 27, the semi-final match was held, the first between New Zealand (1Dr Group A) in Tahiti (2H From Group B). The continental title holders after winning the 2016 final against Papua, a two-legged final (0-0 then 4-2), New Zealand led 3-0 at half-time, and the Tahiti team dominated the match and dominated all aspects.

By adding a fourth goal early in the second half, the New Zealanders certainly ended the suspense. Finally, after losing 5-0, Tahiti missed out on a fifth final, having won in 2012, beating Caledonia 1-0 thanks to Stevie Chung-Hyu, and lost three other finals, in 1973 to Newcastle, New Zealand, and then in 1980 and 1996 to Australia. Finn Surnam (8) scored New Zealand's goals.H) Ibn Sin (45H53H) and Costa Barbaros (45H +2.71H). At the centre-back position for the Tahitian squad, Pothin Bouma, formerly of Hienghène Sport and Cajos, was unable to prevent the disaster of his new national team.

Vanuatu bravely

In the second match of the day, Vanuatu (2H (Group A) faces Fiji Islands (1Ages From Group B). At home, the Vanuatu people defied expectations by beating their Melanesian neighbours 2-1, at the end of a disjointed and hotly contested match. Our neighbours had the chance to open the scoring very early thanks to Jonathan Spokicak (1-0, 11).H), was crowned man of the match. The goal came just one minute after a missed penalty kick from Bong Kalu which could have allowed Vanuatu to take a two-goal lead.

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Having to chase down the score, the Fijians only got their goal at the start of the second half thanks to an equaliser by Sitiveni Kafuelagi (1-1, 46').H). But as the hour mark approached, Jason Thomas gave Vanuatu the lead again (2-1, 57H). A late goal that the Fijians were unable to recover despite their efforts and the (unheard of) 15 minutes of extra time awarded by the referee.

In the midst of exhaustion and suffering from cramps for some, a brave Vanuatu held on, and provided itself with the first final of the OFC Nations Cup, which was founded in 1973 and is participating in its twelfth year.H Editing. During this final, New Zealand will be trying to win its seventh continental title after 1973, 1998, 2002, 2008 and 2016. For its part, Vanuatu is searching for its first title, but it will not be a favorite against the defending champions, who dominated them 4-0 on June 21 during the group match.

Classification of groups

Group A

1. New Zealand 9 points

2. Vanuatu 6 points

3. Solomon Islands 0 points

New Caledonia Package

Group B

1. Fiji 9 points

2. Tahiti 4 points (+1)

3. Papua 4 points (-3)

4. Samoa 0 points


New Zealand beat Tahiti 5-0

Vanuatu beats Fiji 2-1

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