Gymnastics. New Zealand scraps 'outdated' dress code

Gymnastics. New Zealand scraps 'outdated' dress code

We just make sure no one feels uncomfortable or neglected. In a press release, Gymnastics New Zealand (GNZ), the governing body of the sport in Kiwiland, announced that it wants to revamp its dress code. The aim is to allow women and girls to wear shorts or leggings over their leotards: We found the underwear regulations to be unclear, unevenly enforced, and frankly, a bit outdated. “We are delighted to be working with GNZ to develop this new technology,” said Andrea Nelson, Director of GNZ.

In addition, Gymnastics New Zealand will also stop penalising athletes when their underwear, or nothing but their bra strap, is visible during competition.

National progress before it is international?

The International Gymnastics Federation governs the rules for world competitions, and this New Zealand move will currently only apply to national competitions. As such, the international rules are clear and require women to wear ” The right leotard or jumpsuit, […] Which should be of elegant design.

They are penalized 0.30 to 1.00 points on their final score if they do not comply with the rule, and several athletes have already expressed their concerns about this. In 2021, during the Tokyo Olympics, the German delegation chose to wear a full suit to combat the sexual exploitation of women.

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In the same year, a study conducted in New Zealand revealed that many young athletes left gymnastics because they felt uncomfortable in their equipment. “Gymnastics is a tough enough sport that you don't have to worry about your opponent because the judge can see your bra strap.” Andrea Nelson finished.

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