“Of course Shuai Bing is not safe. Nobody knows where he is.” - OA Sport

“Of course Shuai Bing is not safe. Nobody knows where he is.” – OA Sport

Undoubtedly a tricky situation. It was a very special days regarding the Chinese tennis player’s relationship Bing Shuai. A case exploded in early November when the player disappeared into thin air after a message on the Chinese social network (and carefully checked so as not to upset the Chinese authorities) Weibo.

In the text of the above message, there was talk of a relationship that is not easy to identify with the seventy-five-year-old former Chinese Vice Prime Minister Gaoli Zhang. Their relationship, made up of psychological pressure with a sexual background, from a wife is always subject to heavy comments and constant secrets. This Weibo post was later removed.

Well, the thirty-five-year-old is photographed in photos in which she appears in a room full of soft toys with a cat, and then in two videos she is seen eating dinner in a Beijing restaurant. The photos and video were published by personalities associated with Chinese media, but with various elements that raised many suspicions.

Despite the assurances of the International Olympic Committee that he tried to clear the remaining clouds about this situation, news arrives on the issue. Refers to Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer and opponent of Xi Jinping’s government, spoke very clearly in an interview with CNN: “Of course, Peng Shuai is not safe. He is not feeling well because he is under the control of the Chinese authorities. Nobody knows where it is saved. The world must prioritize morality and freedom over moneyher words.

A very special and disturbing situation that already has consequences. Referring to the diplomatic boycotts of the United States and New Zealand in light of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, without taking into account the grievances of the WTA tennis circuit, which canceled the tournaments scheduled in China by 2022.

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