Le troisième-ligne Kevin Gourdon contre la Section Paloise.

La Rochelle is still looking for consistency

After losing two finals last year, Stade Rochelais is struggling to do well together this season. And who can be disabled in the Champions Cup.

A blow to the place, a blow to the opposite. Stade Rochelais is still looking for itself early in the season. The agonizing end of last season, with the Champions Cup and Top 14 finals losing to Toulouse, appears to have been marked by the Naval Championship. Delays in ignition (3 reversals to enter the top 14) and difficulties away from home (success in Brive for five defeats) illustrate the difficulties at La Rochelle to operate the machine. Third streak of the Blues, Gregory Alderet, himself asserted that it would have been difficult to absorb the end of the season without a title. “There have been quite a few disappointments. I think like my team we struggled a little bit in the beginning, He was captured recently. But little by little, we find the right path and try to get our heads up.”

I don’t know the word in French, but we were as we say ‘hungry’. (Has a hangover, editor’s note) After losing in the final. And for me, that’s normal, because we don’t have the culture or the history in this wonderful club, right now, For his part, Director Ronan O’Gara recognizes in an interview with EPCR. But this will change. For me, in every defeat, you learn far more things than you do in victory.”

The idea is to move the ball until our opponent is tired. We also use attackers a lot to physically hurt the opponent

Jules Favre

The last quack yet? A defeat on the French field (25-20), after advancing by fourteen points and recording three attempts in the first half hour of play.”We played thirty minutes and then we struggled. We have regressed a little in our mistakes. We will have to use this in the futureConfessed prostitute Pierre Bourget. Ronan O’Gara agrees to concede: “Our beginnings were average. Finally I hope it counts and we hurry now.»

Be a more ‘fun’ team

Since the start of the season, La Rochelle no longer looks like last season’s steamer wheel, which crashed in front of it and choked from behind. Under O’Jara’s leadership, the Caravelle club began to change its style of play, holding the ball more, and streaking playing times rather than favoring the game under pressure. To become a more “fun” team, which was the hallmark of La Rochelle when he broke at the highest level under Patrice Collazo and Xavier Garbagosa. “The idea is to move the ball until our opponent gets tired. We also use attackers a lot to physically hurt the opponent. All this opens voids and breaches. A lot of our testing was done after two or three minute sequences,” This is how Jules Favre explained in columns the team.

I think in two weeks we will know a lot of things, if we are alive or dead

Ronan Ugara

This is how the Champions Cup and its abbreviated form come with two home and away matches during the group stage. Reception in Glasgow and then a perilous journey to the English hornets. There is no room for error for the European vice-champion. “The idea of ​​a fast race in the Champions Cup, as in Formula 1, is very exciting and exciting”Ronan Ujara says. The Irish technician, alone at the helm of the team after the departure of Juno Gibbs at Claremont, knows what awaits his family: “Basically, we kill or be killed. We must maintain that state of mind for the next week in Bath. And I think after two weeks, we’ll know a lot of things, if we’re alive or dead.»

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Support from Deflandre

Sunday, the Maritimes will have the advantage of starting their continental campaign in their Marcel-Deflandre den. Weight support. As Tawera Ker-Barlow, New Zealand Half Scrum, acknowledged: “I think we have the best fans in the world, in La Rochelle, and it’s hard for our opponents to meet us when we have 16,000 fans behind us. They try to give us their energy and push us beyond the test line.Ronan O’Gara in the same state of mind:Our first home game, it’s a chance for us to start fast and show our level. But for Glasgow, that means they will get here without pressure, they have nothing to lose and they will attack us. But that’s normal, we’re in the Champions Cup, it’s the deep end.“Beware of drowning.

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