Noumea: Aircalin resumes international flights

Noumea: Aircalin resumes international flights

After 20 months of suspending international flights, the airline ercalen Glad to be able to welcome her customers again To and from abroad, “In strict compliance with the sanitary rules” issued by the Government of New Caledonia and the countries served.

Suspended in March 2020 with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic outside special shifts, the company’s international flights stationed at the airport Noumea la Tontouta He will finally be able to appeal. “At this point” depending on the border openings, Aircalin can open flights to Europe (via Tokyo) and Tahiti outlines a December 1, 2021 press release.

sleep – Tokyo : 4 weekly sessions

Tokyo – sleep : Until December 31, 2021: 3 weekly courses

Taking into account the frequency of flights (4 flights instead of 9 in the week before the crisis), Wednesday’s flight from Tokyo will be 100% cargo until December 31, “in particular to allow the transportation of sensitive products such as non-medical cargo”. 5 to 6 weekly sessions will be carried out from 1 January 2022 “and throughout the school vacation period”.

Nomi Babette (Regular flights): One weekly cycle until March 26, 2022

sleep sydney (Regular flights): 2 weekly flights until March 26, 2022

With Australia’s borders remaining closed to people without an Australian passport, only one flight per week will be open for sale. The second flight will be booked for freight and EVASANS.

Nomi Wallis in Futuna: Homecoming flights right now. So far, the conditions for resuming air service are still being determined by local authorities. Until the end of December, the weekly return flight was scheduled, subject to compelling reasons. Depending on the development of the situation, the company will adjust its program.

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Other destinations in the Aircalin network : Passenger flights to Brisbane, Auckland, Fiji and Port Vila have been canceled until March 26, 2022. The company will, of course, adapt its program according to changes in the conditions of access to these destinations. As a reminder, from March 2020 and the suspension of flights, in order to protect the company’s economy, stops in Melbourne and Osaka have been closed. “It is not planned to reopen at this time,” Aircalin confirms.

charter flights : Since the beginning of the crisis, the company has developed new charter activities (extreme emergency, Evasan, special customer trips, medical trips, etc.). These trips can be scheduled according to the request of our customers and partners.

Aircalin states that it has “been showing profitable results for several years” and, in March 2020, implemented robust measures to Save your activity And its functions: reducing the wage bill by 25%, deferring investments, resorting to borrowing, postponing the repayment of plane tickets … “It really is the combination of all these efforts, with the support of the institutions of Caledonia, New Caledonia and the state that allows Aircalin today to resume flights.” New Caledonian now enters “A new stage With the end of the demand for flights, a situation that will require the full attention of the company, between the recovery strategy and the necessary maintenance of its financial balances”, concluded its press release.

As part of a program dedicated to health security From its operations, “Aircalin Fly Care”, the company obtained the highest international certification by receiving the Diamond Award, which is awarded by one of the international carriers and after a complete review of all the procedures carried out by the airline. The main sanitary measures carried out on board its aircraft are:

mandatory wearing of a mask for cabin crew and passengers;

∙ adapting the onboard service to reduce handling and interactions during the flight;

∙ Disinfect devices and booths according to an enhanced protocol approved by health authorities.

∙ Air quality. All AIRCALIN appliances are equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that freshen the cabin air every 3 minutes and remove 99.97% of viruses.

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