America's Cup, protocol on November 17, but the venue may be postponed

America’s Cup, protocol on November 17, but the venue may be postponed

Expectations are growing for Defender Team New Zealand to announce on November 17 the protocol and venue (assuming it is confirmed as the 2024 date) for the upcoming America’s Cup rules, but not the location of the regatta.

In New Zealand, things don’t go easy. As elsewhere, after all. The inability to travel, the armored border, the mandatory quarantine of those crossing the border (which Russell Coats recently thundered, pointing his finger at the government) are objective impediments to operations, which means above all inspections.

In New Zealand, attorney Hamish Ross, former advisor to Alinghi in the past and second to Team New Zealand also to Mark Dunphy, the New Zealand millionaire who wants to defend the trophy in New Zealand (see the spy story denounced by Grant Dalton & C, Dunphy could also have been seen on Calling the New York Yachting Club to put a speaker at the wheel to the CEO of All Blacks of sailing), and back to the attack saying – I read it on Scuttlebutt – that the search for headquarters overseas (so, the defense certainly won’t be held in New Zealand) extends to What is beyond permissible. Ross also adds more flour to his bag, starting with the invalidity of the challenger’s record because at the time of the inauguration it was an expression of a company and not the Royal Cowes Yachting Squadron, which gives the flag to Ineos UK, to the hypothesis that if the headquarters were in Jeddah in Arabia Saudi Arabia, that wouldn’t be true according to a 2009 ruling by the New York Supreme Court on banned cup seats in countries that don’t respect human rights.

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Going back to the delay in locating the America’s Cup, at Team New Zealand’s base, we don’t have to worry too much. In the past, they noted, the venue was always announced one year after the end of the last race. So, there is time. Even after November 17th.

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