Not enough feminine names in public?

Not enough feminine names in public?

“Just 3% of the streets of Alincon bear a woman’s name He admits the municipality, which in this area is nothing but an heir to a long patriarchal tradition … But the sirens began to sound: “The city of Alençon wishes to give more space to women in the public space by seeking to increase the proportion of female names in the city” We read in a press release sent to the editorial board this Thursday, March 24.

Do not rename existing streets

Change existing street names? That would be able Disruption in the daily life of the population. He responds to City Hall, rightly believing that he will “Different from choosing the names of places and public buildings that do not yet have them”. First step: Create List of women worthy of honorBy involving neighborhood councils and any citizen who wishes to contribute.

Favorite Names from Ornaises

During the month of April, the survey will be available: we will be able to suggest it “As many as twelve names of women who are now deceased, who have marked their spirits through their journey, their commitments, and their deeds” We explain, specifying thatThe names Alençonnaises or Ornaises will be preferred. In the end, the municipality will keep a list of about forty baptismal names “Parks, public facilities, sports facilities, etc.”.

Few places for women

So, to rebalance, we will soon see an alley … “Ladies” that will compensate Very masculine street… “to gentlemen” ? With regard to squares, which are often symbolic, the imbalance is stark: La Madeleine, Marguerite de Lorraine and Joan of Arc are no match for Marechal Foch, General de Gaulle, General Bonnet, and the Commander. -Desmeulles to René-Descartes or Auguste-Poulet-Malassis!

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