Les travaux de restauration agroécologiques du domaine de Méréville font partie des priorités du Département en matière d'espaces verts.

Essonne will carry out four major operations for its green spaces in 2022

The Essonne division recently made a list of major operations in favor of green spaces to be developed over the next year. “It is a matter of responding, under our Voted Landscape Master Plan 2019, to societal expectations and the aging of the Department’s green heritage, while combating the truly measurable impacts of climate change,” the community notes.

Four main actions in his list. The first relates to the development of farms in seven faculties, in order to enhance the presence of nature within the institutions. The department will also plant 5,400 forest seedlings along an administrative road and landscaping at several road junctions. On the cultural level, it is planned to create various gardens in the studio of the house of the painter Foujita, in Villiers-le-Bâcle. Finally, extensive agro-ecological restoration work will continue in the Merryville County area. They include in particular the actions that were carried out at the Grand Lac, the Cascade du Pont-des-Roches, or the English River.

Opening new wood to the public

The ministry will also continue many of the measures it started in 2021, in particular the protection of the Bois des Montils, an area of ​​224 hectares acquired last year in the municipalities of Auvernaux, Champcueil and Chevannes. Environmental studies and work will be carried out to preserve the biodiversity of the wooded area and allow it to open to the public within two or three years.

The department owns 573 hectares of green space attached to equipment and infrastructure (roads, roundabouts, bike paths, gardens). It also contains 12,000 trees spread over 150 kilometers of roads outside the urban area. More than 3,000 were transplanted in 2021.

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