No thanks, Tennessee!  Why Dolly Parton Wouldn't Want a Memorial - People

No thanks, Tennessee! Why Dolly Parton Wouldn’t Want a Memorial – People

statue? no thanks!

American singer Dolly Parton has now happily turned down what many other stars were delighting.

She doesn’t want a memorial in her home state of Tennessee! She also explains on Twitter why not. The 75-year-old wrote on Thursday that she was “honored with interest” but asked the state parliament to drop the bill. With everything going on in the world right now, you don’t see it appropriate to “put me on a pedestal.”

“I hope, however, that sometime in a few years, or maybe after my death, if they still think I deserve it, I can stand proudly in front of the Capitol as a grateful citizen of Tennessee,” Barton wrote.

More than 25,000 people signed an online petition to replace the controversial Confederate officer relics with statues from Barton. In it, the musician is referred to as “the true champion of Tennessee”.

Parton, who has been honored by people of various origins for decades, has often made headlines recently as a longtime philanthropist. A recent donation of $ 1 million (about 830,000 euros) to Vanderbild University to develop a modern coronavirus vaccine caused an uproar.

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