Melania Trump: New First Lady Jill Biden has already outgrown her

Melania Trump: New First Lady Jill Biden has already outgrown her

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The mood in Trump’s retreat is said to be bad Maralago. Several US media reported that Melania is increasingly distancing herself from Donald Trump.

Mar-a-Lago – Donald Trump’s reputation has been badly damaged since his supporters stormed the Capitol. Since then, many former supporters have abandoned Trump and his machinations. Trump’s wife Melania should also worry about the damage to her image.

According to what was broadcast on American television CNN Melania feels bitterness and silent towards her husband, Donald Trump, and the relationship between the two is currently rocky. Additionally: Melania is deeply disappointed about her departure from Washington and is increasingly resentful of her husband.

Bad Mood in Melania Trump: The popularity rate annoys the former first lady

She’s particularly annoyed by her record low popularity rating: a recent poll showed that only 42 percent of Americans hold a positive image of the former first lady. So Melania is less popular than any of her predecessors. Michelle Obama garnered an approval rating of 69% after her husband, Barack Obama’s second term, Laura Bush, 67%, and Hillary Clinton upon her departure, 56%.

Above all, she should be upset, according to the report, because four years ago Melania was still considered the most popular of all Trump and she was probably very proud of her. Almost constant positive reports of her successor, Jill Biden, should overshadow Melania’s mood. Biden’s commitment has been lauded as a model in recent weeks, and she has also been on the cover of influencers. People magazine To see.

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Video: Is Melania Trump angry at the new first lady, Jill Biden?

Trump crisis? More and more supporters are turning their backs on Donald Trump

CNN He wants to learn from circles in Palm Beach, the Trump family home, that Melania continues to withdraw. “She mentally extinguished herself and barely followed the news,” the broadcaster quoted an anonymous source. Days are spent at the spa with massages and Pilates.

In addition to Melania, another woman has made headlines in the past few days as she has been increasingly distancing herself from Donald Trump: Nikki Haley, actually known as a loyal supporter of Trump, told the news magazine. Politico: “What we should have followed and never listened to, his political future is over.” Political observers assume that Haley is consciously abandoning Trump because she wants to run for president in 2024. (fmü)

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