Nessuna pace tra Aston Martin e FIA

No peace between Aston Martin and the FIA ​​- Formula 1 team – Formula 1

Disagreement over regulatory changes introduced for 2021 betweenAston Martin And the the Union He continues, and the discussions between the two parties conducted by team manager Ottmar Saffnauer were not fruitful. As is known, the British team is convinced that it has faced heavy penalties, as the modifications to the bottom of the cars would have undermined their competitiveness to a greater extent than the other teams. In recent days, Mercedes’ first man, Toto Wolf, has speculated that Aston Martin has been injured.side effectsFrom a desire to slow down the silver arrows, mainly preference for cars with a ‘rake’ setting, those that have a noticeable difference in height between the front and rear axles.

Mercedes-Aston Martin revenge

According to reports from the Germans from Cars and sports, The controversy at Portimao did not subside, so much so that Aston Martin would have leaked to Insiders intent to continue operating alongside the Union. The historic British brand wanted to point out that Action implemented by the International Automobile Federation To introduce organizational change It has not been corrected. In fact, there were three opposing voices – Aston Martin, Mercedes and Williams – enough to stop their submission. In any case, the federation could raise the issue of safety, particularly towards Pirelli tires, to enforce the decision without requiring a majority.

Several Aston Martin-FIA meetings in Imola

But Lawrence Stroll has no intention of giving up, and according to what appeared in Portugal, the pressure on this issue is increasing, to the point that Ask Tutu Wolf To create The compact front of the Mercedes motorized car Against this regulatory change that has already come into effect. But the Silver Arrows have already won two out of three races and are leading both championships, so it would be difficult to prove that they have slowed down so much due to the new box, so it doesn’t seem like McLaren and Williams are struggling much. . According to the German newspaper, Stroll is ready to consider the union’s litigation.

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