A great shot with a few euros

A great shot with a few euros

10eLotto is so lucky, the enigmatic player got a win in his pocket by investing only a few euros.

Resounding victory in 10eLotto In the last competition. A mysterious player brought home a very large amount with little money investment.

In recent weeks, there have been a lot of winnings in the state prize competitions, conditional on the madness of the moment of what could happen in the Superenalotto. With th The jackpot The millionaire who makes Italians dream.

In fact, in today’s contest May 6, you’ll try your luck at Jackpot Ben 150 million From the euro. A brutal character that will attract the attention of most players. It also splits bets in other competitions. In short, there is really a spoiler for choice.

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In the meantime, there is another hit to be scored that, as mentioned, gave immense joy to a mysterious player who did not want to reveal his company at the moment. By centering a 9 air He might score a decent shot given the times.

The thrilling win that kicked off the party

The dramatic coup was recorded at 10eLotto in Cogoleto, in Liguria, where a mysterious player scored an exciting coup with a few euros.

Get 9 gold from Ben 100mila euros. Another low gain was recorded in Missani, with a win 50 thousand euros And the third to Floridia di 30 thousand euros.

It is estimated that the competition in general has given prizes 45.1 million eurosNot bad while waiting for the Superenalotto jackpot. As mentioned, other contests have also given rise to significant figures, starting with the lottery. Especially the city of Naples was fortunate.

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Who scored the hook bin € 62,250. A particularly positive period for the state award competitions. Installments as we know are subject to 11% taxes as required by law. In any case, we are talking about gains that provide significant numbers for those who pull off them.

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