Nice little novelty

Nice little novelty

The web version of Google Drive, in turn, has begun to benefit from a dark mode that is less tiring on the eyes.

Google Drive // ​​Source: Frandroid

Dark mode is available in a large number of Google apps. However, for the web versions of these services, the situation is different. But, at least, if you're used to working with Google Drive, you'll finally be able to take advantage of this great option.

This is actually what it indicates 9to5Google. the Dark mode It darkens the interface to reduce eye strain, and is gradually being rolled out to Google Drive. By going to the site, you will eventually see a message indicating the arrival of this new option. The text “New! Dark Mode” will prompt you to test the mode.

Dark Mode on Google Drive (Web) // Source: 9to5Google

Next, to control the function, you will have to click on the cogwheel, at the top right of the screen, go to Settings and stay on the General tab. There, you will see an Appearance section with two modes available: Light or Dark.

Dark Mode on Google Drive (Web) // Source: 9to5Google

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Note that dark mode only applies to the Google Drive interface itself, which is the interface that lets you see all the folders and files saved on your account. If you open a Google Docs or Sheets document, it will return to light mode. So it's not very complete at the moment.

9to5Google Specifies that it has seen this new feature on one Google Drive account at the moment. We may still be at the beginning of the deployment phase, so we will have to be a little patient.

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