Discover the secret to changing commentators in EA FC 24 and change your gaming experience forever!

Discover the secret to changing commentators in EA FC 24 and change your gaming experience forever!

Commentary can dramatically improve your gaming experience, which is why EA FC has introduced 24 new teams of English commentators. Here's how to change commentators to improve your gameplay in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs.

Commentators have immortalized iconic moments in football history. Whether it was Martin Tyler's “Aguero” moment or Francis Lee's legendary 1974 “Look at His Face” moment, the voices behind the microphone during memorable goals have been with us for years.

In EA FC, it may not be so dramatic. You might just want to hear something different for a change.

Electronic Arts has had some notable commentators over the years, and although Derek Rae is the main voice of the English version these days, it's possible that the commentary will change this year.

Once this is done, the change you made will be confirmed and the next time you play, new sounds will appear in the booth.

EA FC has added 24 new English commentators, including Match of the Day broadcaster Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith.

This gives fans a second option if they find the current duo of Derek Ray and Stuart Robson a bit repetitive… especially the phrase 'earn the right to play'.

To change the caption language in EA SPORTS FC, you must follow this process:

1. Go to the Customize Settings menu in the main menu (top left)
2. Select Settings
3. Then game settings
4. Scroll to Audio
5. Change the comment language from there

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Improve your gaming experience with new commentators and enjoy your EA FC 24 experience to the fullest!

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