Niantic buys augmented reality studio NZXR, a month after its latest acquisition

Niantic buys augmented reality studio NZXR, a month after its latest acquisition

Niantic announced on April 5 that it had acquired augmented reality (AR) studio NZXR. The acquisition of the New Zealand company by a former subsidiary of Google is part of its desire to build a “metaverse for the real world”.

Future Designs Shared with Niantic

NZXR was founded in the middle of the pandemic by one of the teams launched by Magic Leap, a startup that offers augmented reality glasses. Since then, the company has focused its talents of AR expertise in order to create interactive prototypes for smartphones and virtual reality helmets like AR skateboard game, scattrixand the interactive theater experience, Destination Mars.

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The virtual reality studio has already collaborated with Niantic in the past. ” Over time, working with the folks at Niantic, it became clear to us that we share the same vision for the future. ‘, he says Their press release. ” When Niantic CEO John Hanke wrote “The Metaverse is a dystopian nightmare,” it resonated with us far more than any article on the Metaverse. »

Niantic and NZXR logo.

Niantic acquires NZXR to accelerate development of new augmented reality experiences. Screen capture: Niantic.

Building the future of Augmented Reality and the real world Metaverse »

The company behind the batting game pokemon go We welcome his fellow New Zealanders with open arms. ” We are excited to welcome the NZXR to Niantic as we continue to build the future of AR and the real world metaverse together. ‘, she explains in his own ticket. Specifies that the latter will be involved in the design and development of multiplayer augmented reality experiences for Niantic.

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The acquisition of NZXR comes just one month after the acquisition of 8th Wall, a company that provides tools for developers to help them create AR effects. Niantic, also behind Entry And Bikmin BloomLightship released a free developer kit in November last year, aiming to make the technology present in its augmented reality games.

As the idea of ​​metaverses grows in popularity within online communities, Niantic and NZXR are committed to bringing the concept to the real world. The California giant has also raised $300 million to invest in its “real world” metaverse.

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