Geraldine Boyer, Cabin Syndrome

Geraldine Boyer, Cabin Syndrome

With its concept of environmentally responsible tourism in tiny homes of 15 square metres, Parcel can join the big leagues.

They appear like mushrooms, Parcel’s little houses. The first of these small houses were placed on the land of the local producers that were hatched in Saint-Émilion. She was supposed to be released in May 2020, but France is cornered. So, concept creator Geraldine Boyer, nibble a bit until August 2020 to see the first customers are there.

Launching your fund in the midst of a health crisis is putting nerves on the line, yet Covid-19 will undoubtedly be supportive. But not so fast. Before Parcel, there was another life in tourism for Geraldine Boyer. Before starting her “small” business, she even cut her teeth from the heavyweights in the sector. The young woman graduated in 2012 from EDHEC BBA, and headed to Australia where she soon took up after a marketing management internship for the Australian and New Zealand markets at Club Med.

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