"News from the world": an interview with the movie star Helena Zingle

“News from the world”: an interview with the movie star Helena Zingle

On a sunny Saturday afternoon – something schoolchildren love to walk outside with friends. Really. For the actress Helena Zingle The weekend, a week before the Golden Globes, is a little different: the twelve-year-old actress, who can currently be seen in “Neues aus der Welt” with Tom Hanks on Netflix, is available for interviews. Glamor was allowed to speak to the young German actress, who is currently causing quite a stir on the floor of international cinema, and asked: Is Helena now in school? star? And what specifically interested you in your character, Joanna Leonberger?

Helena Zingle in “News of the World” with Tom Hanks

at “News from the world” Helena Zingle plays Joanna Leonberger, a young girl who was severely damaged by her fate circa 1870: As the child of German immigrants in Texas, her family was killed by the indigenous Kiowa during territorial conflicts. She herself was kidnapped. A few years later, her Kiowa family was killed in territorial disputes with white settlers. The child loses his family again. When Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks), a former character reading news from the world to audiences in remote locations, found the girl, Joanna was fearful and aggressive towards the stranger. She does not understand English, she speaks only Kiowa and does not know the customs of the Western world.

Actually you want Tom Hanks You only need to hand them over to the nearest military base and go ahead and read the news, but the fate of Cade and his aura does not let go of Joanna’s fate: He has promised to hand them over to their last living relatives – until then they have a long and dangerous journey through central Texas. The two develop an unexpected friendship relatively quickly, thanks to which they learn to deal with their pasts. In her role as Joanna Leonberger, Helena Zingel gives an incredible performance: the blonde girl with big blue eyes who stands alone just like a rock in the waves (or in a sandstorm in the prairie). Hardly anyone can understand or want to understand – only Captain Kidd, who finds a girl an unexpected companion, can pass by her through thick and thin.

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Hollywood star Helena Zingle in a GLAMOR interview

Glamor: Hey, Helena. We will dive directly into “News from the World”. What is the best thing about photography for you?

Actually I thought everything was cool. I really enjoyed the entire shoot. We were really good community on set. For me, it was great to be able to throw the horses for the first time. Of course, filming in the US was also exciting: I had never been to the US before and shot in New Mexico, and Albuquerque and Santa Fe were great. It was great to be in a part of the USA also inspired by Mexico.

Which scene did you enjoy the most?

Most of all, the scene in which I try my coffee was fun. Filming with Tom Hanks was really fun because we both laughed so much. But I had a lot of fun in several scenes.

You have been nominated for a Golden Globe! Congratulations! Tell me again what you just did when you won your Golden Globe nomination as a candidate Best Supporting Actress “by News from the world! “

I was buying carrots for my horse and when I got back in the car my mom looked so old. I meant what happened all of a sudden now. Then I noticed my agency was on the phone. I thought they were saying, “I’ve got a new role in the movie.” But instead, suddenly there were shouts and cries: “Oh my God, you have been nominated for a Golden Globe!” Then I laughed and felt like crying out of joy and feeling completely disoriented.

Where will you see the Golden Globes next Sunday night?

We will be in a hotel in Berlin, watching the awards ceremony live and via video chat.

Do you still have free school on Mondays?

Yes, of course – I can take it off.

Were you able to learn something from your personality Joanna Leonberger that you can use in everyday life?

I think my character and the movie never lose hope. Having hope and not giving in to it is really beneficial in times of Corona.

In the movie you speak the Kiowa language, the language of the indigenous people who kidnap and raise you. Was that difficult to learn?

Learning the correct accent was sometimes difficult: the accents at the beginning of the words were not easy. It wasn’t easy to do it right, especially in the beginning, but it just got easier. I believe that if you choose a language correctly, you can speak it on your own more easily.

Did Tom Hanks give you advice about your life and career along the way?

A lot, but the most important is: show up at the right time, learn your lines, and be nice and nice to everyone.

I’ve known the award ceremony ever since Systemsprenger, ” in which she played the lead and main Oscar as role Nominated for Best Film in a Language Other than English. With everything News from the world “Biggest because it’s an international Hollywood production?”

Of course, it’s different with Neues aus der Welt: more reach and more production. But in principle, the following applies to me: price is price and film is film. You must appreciate every movie you make. Where the movie is a success – the USA, Germany, Asia, and New Zealand – you shouldn’t be playing roles as long as you enjoy the project. You should be happy with the movies you are allowed to participate in. And I definitely do.

I am back to school now. Are you a star out there or nothing has really changed?

For me personally, of course, a lot has changed: I have a lot of journalism and experience cool things – basically, I’m getting a lot of success now. But it doesn’t matter with my friends, in school or in the stable with my horse: I’m Helena, who is only twelve.

A Small Glimpse of the Future: What will you do on March 15th when the Oscar nominations are announced?

Celebrate or be happy for others!

“News from the World” is available with Helena Zengel and Tom Hanks on Netflix live.

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