New Zealanders can be vaccinated ten times in one day - for money

New Zealanders can be vaccinated ten times in one day – for money

Not only in Germany is society divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated. In New Zealand, anti-vaccination opponents have gone so far as to pay someone else for ten vaccinations.

A man in New Zealand is said to have been vaccinated against the coronavirus up to ten times in just one day for money. The Stuff news portal reported on Saturday that others likely paid for the man. Exactly where this fraud occurred and how it was discovered was initially unknown. In New Zealand, those wishing to be vaccinated do not have to identify themselves.

Vaccination falsification: ‘Dangerous, stupid and selfish’

The Ministry of Health was concerned and launched an investigation. According to Staff, doctors described the behavior of both the man and those who paid for the vaccinations as “dangerous, stupid and selfish.” She said vaccination is important precisely because of the delta type of virus circulating. A doctor added that the man must have been not well on the first day after the vaccination. The Ministry of Health has advised all people who have received more than recommended doses to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Many shops and establishments in New Zealand require proof of full vaccination to enter. About 89 percent of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated. With a population of 5 million, there have been about 12,500 cases of infection and 46 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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