New Zealand with Peter Burling wins the title

DrThe sailing nation of New Zealand holds the America’s Cup in its country. On the seventh day of the 36th Cup, the New Zealand team was focused and flawless and won the oldest International Sports Cup in races outside Auckland for the fourth time. In the 10th round, Luna Rossa can no longer find a way to preserve the kiwi.

Christoph Heine

Business reporter for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

Although she had driven at first, confident New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling immediately turned to the right and led his own race. The Italians, who have now sailed seven campaigns to win the Cup, reached the final three times. They didn’t win it this time either.

“It means everything to us, the best experience ever,” Burling said while on board. For the first time, the reluctant New Zealand sailing star, who almost pulled back a pearling throughout the entire series, showed the pressure he freed himself from when he jumped over the deck of the Tea Rehutai with bottles of champagne.

“When we won the Cup in Bermuda in 2017, we were a small group. Here in our homeland, the whole country stands behind us. Thousands of spectator boats alone on the water.” T Rehutai accompanied the parade to the port. The traditional presentation of the winners in Auckland will be canceled due to Corona. Jimmy Spithill congratulated on the Luna Rossa Kiwi Wheel: “The New Zealanders have put on an impressive set.”

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