Antarctic animal video: A rare penguin generates offspring – Panorama

Written by Johannes Falls

Penguins are usually distinguished by their black and white feathers. (Icon image)

Photo: DPA / Yonhap News Agency

A photographer from New Zealand watches an albino penguin raising its offspring in Antarctica. This is a feeling for researchers.

Written by Johannes Falls

March 16, 2021 – 5:51 pm

Antarctica – A completely white gento penguin with an orange nose that stands between its black and white peculiarities and feeds its offspring. The photos taken by a photographer from New Zealand are causing a buzz among researchers: it is rare for a white penguin to live in the wild and raise their own children.

Due to their shiny plumage, albino penguins are quickly noticed and become easy prey. Most white animals also have poor eyesight and thus have problems hunting. These rare penguins are usually excluded from certain species due to the light color of their plumage, and they rarely find a mate.

Albinism is a congenital pigment disorder that can also occur in humans. Albinism has an effect on the formation of red, brown and black pigments, making the skin appear significantly lighter.

There is also an Albino Penguin in Germany. Two years ago, the Gdask Zoo announced the birth of a 28 cm high and 500 grams white penguin.

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