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New Zealand vs Gambia Live: How to watch IPTV in a friendly match? | 11/15/2021

6:14 PM 12 hours ago

Don’t take off from here to watch the New Zealand vs Gambia match live

In a few moments we will be sharing the starting line-up between New Zealand and The Gambia live, as well as the latest information from New Zealand. Don’t miss minute by minute match details and live online from VAVEL.

6:09 PM 12 hours ago

Match schedule

6:04 PM 12 hours ago

Possible eleven from Gambia

On Tom Saintfeet’s side, the possible eleven from Gambia could be: Sheikh Sibi, S. Janco, El Guara, c. Gomez, O.; Cooley, E.; a. Sesay and Musa Barrow.

5:59 PM 12 hours ago

Possible eleven from New Zealand

In Team New Zealand, this would be the possible eleven for Danny Hay: M. Woud, N. Pijnaker, K. Kalua, J. Champness, L. Cacace, M. Boxall, Marko Stamenic, J. Bell, Chris Wood, Jim McCutt and Jost .

5:54 PM 12 hours ago

A key player in Gambia

Musa Barrow is one of the main risks of this choice. This player plays for the Bologna team in the Italian Serie A, where he played 73 matches, scored 23 goals and provided 14 assists. With his selection, he played 11 matches in which he only left one goal.

5:44 PM 12 hours ago

Gambia’s last five matches

The Gambia’s latest matches all coincide as a friendly, with three home matches played and two as a visitor. Tom Saintfiet’s men have won three of these five games and lost two of them. The first five matches ended with the following results: Gambia 2-1 South Sudan, Morocco 7-2 Gambia, Kosovo 1-0 Gambia, Gambia 1-0 Togo, Gambia 2-0 Niger.

5:39 PM 12 hours ago

New Zealand’s last five matches

Of the last five parties, New Zealand competed, ciThey were not friendly encounters, Where the team played in all of them as a visitor, Danny Hay has won three times, with the following tags: Bahrain 0-1 New Zealand, Curaçao 1-2 New Zealand, India 1-2 New Zealand. On the other hand, the New Zealand national team was defeated in two of these five matches, as it was against the following boards: Lithuania 1-0 New Zealand, Ireland 3-1 New Zealand.

5:34 PM 12 hours ago

The last Gambia meeting

The Gambia, as a local team, managed to win the friendly match against South Sudan with a score of 2-1 in favor of Tom Saintviet. The home team was well off the board thanks to a penalty kick called in the 24th minute which was due to be scored by player A. Only nine minutes later, the result came 2-0 to Gambia because of another penalty kick, he called up in the 33rd minute the same player A. Despite the score in the friendly match, the visiting team tried to stand up to Gambia, and South Sudan managed to close the gap on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Dee. . Finally, the friendly match would end with the victory of Tom Saint-Viet’s men, leaving as a result: Gambia 2-1 South Sudan.

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5:29 PM 12 hours ago

New Zealand last meeting

New Zealand managed to take over the Bahrain National Stadium after defeating the Bahrain national team 0-1 in the final result of the friendly match between the two teams. The council tied 0-0 throughout the first half and most of the second half, despite the insistence of both teams and their desire to win. It was nearing the end of the match, exactly in the 88th minute when N. With this mark in favor of New Zealand, the friendly match between Bahrain and New Zealand will end.

5:24 PM 12 hours ago

Welcome to Favel

Welcome to the broadcast of this friendly match between New Zealand and The Gambia at 10.00 (CDMX). Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL.

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