Lost the Antarctic Penguin in New Zealand

Lost the Antarctic Penguin in New Zealand

Far from its natural habitat, a penguin was discovered on the shore of New Zealand. This rather rare event can become alarming if it is repeated again, the British daily confirms Watchman.

The bad side. 3,000 km from its natural habitat, the Adélie penguin was discovered on a beach in Bridlings Flat, New Zealand, south of Christchurch, the British daily reports. Watchman. It was a passerby who saw the young man on the evening of Wednesday 10 November and reported to the Penguin Rehabilitation Center in Christchurch.

Although the‘extremely rare’ The presence of this cold bird on the coast of New Zealand is not the first of its kind. In 1962, the body of an Adelie penguin was found in Marlborough. Another, alive, was discovered in Kaikoura in 1993, reports the New Zealand news portal things.

“He was very hungry and dehydrated, but other than that it wasn’t too bad, so we rehydrated him and gave him fish juice,” tell the guardian Thomas Strack of the Christchurch Penguin Center. The penguins – which do not fly, unlike penguins – were released on the Banks Peninsula.

The media reports that the high water temperature prevents these birds from finding adequate food


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