New Zealand: Traces of the mother of the deceased children from the suitcase |  News

New Zealand: Traces of the mother of the deceased children from the suitcase | News

A scary discovery in New Zealand |

The mother of the dead children was found in a suitcase

flood – News of the case of children’s bodies from the bag .. Almost a week after the horror was discovered in New Zealand, the police tracked down the mother of the deceased children – in South Korea!

As South Korean police announced on Monday (August 22), New Zealand-Korea voting has been in South Korea uninterrupted since 2018, according to reports. CNN And the “ The Korea HeraldInvestigators in South Korea now want to work with authorities in New Zealand.

An unsuspecting family from an Auckland suburb acquired two suitcases with a trailer loaded with household items at an auction of stockpiled items. The owner can no longer be identified. The shock came when the luggage was opened: it contained the remains of two children, apparently, who had died several years ago, probably between the ages of five and ten.

Anyway, the New Zealand family is not suspicious in this case, As the police made clear last week.

In order to clarify the case, police in New Zealand have now evaluated hours of recordings from surveillance cameras. Because the children died long ago, important passages could have been deleted long ago. The warehouse where the bags were kept and the family home they were taken to after the auction were also checked by criminal investigators.

The family found the human remains while unloading and sorting them in a trailer in the front yard driveway. A neighbor told the NZ Herald that shortly before the police arrived, he noticed the smell of decomposition. “I can smell it here. I thought it was a dead cat or something.”

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According to The Korea Herald, the woman now tracked down is said to be a South Korean who later adopted New Zealand citizenship. According to the local police, she lived for a long time at an address that could be linked to the case. The Korean police are now waiting for the necessary documents from New Zealand to be able to locate the woman in South Korea. (bw, jbr, AFP)

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