New Zealand – the harsh south

New Zealand – the harsh south

Far out in the Pacific Ocean lies the South Island of New Zealand. The landscape is a wonderful mixture of massive mountain ranges with magnificent glacial valleys, Fiordland’s pristine nature and tropical coastlines. For the people who live here, these are the most beautiful places in the world and worth fighting for. The film accompanies five exceptional heroes in their daily and passionate commitment to preserving the world in which they live.

The South Island’s unique flora and fauna have evolved over thousands of years. Only with the arrival of humans and introduced species such as weasels, rats and cats did many native animals become threatened with extinction.

Peter Young is the captain of a ship that sets out every day on behalf of the government to free the natural paradise of Fiordland from immigrant marauders. Meanwhile, zoologist Lizzie Perrett is committed to conserving the rare striped kiwi species at the Kiwi Center in Otorohanga.

On Otago Beach in southeastern New Zealand, Sean McConkey goes searching for sea lions. He has been documenting the populations of these rare animals for years. Where there used to be colonies of hundreds of individuals, now between ten and 15 sea lion cubs are born each year. Each of them has great importance for the future of the entire population.

Of all New Zealand’s untamed landscapes, the Southern Alps are perhaps the most stunning. Elke Braun-Elwert is a professional mountain guide and opens up challenging terrain to guests from all over the world. A dangerous adventure that lasts several days. On a ski outing you’ll cross the island’s mountain range, four passes and five glaciers to the wild Pacific coast. As a mountain guide, Elke has full responsibility for the safety of the entire group. The weather holds some surprises for skiers.

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Directed by Robert Morgenstern and Killian Hembrecht, the film explores New Zealand’s harsh South Island in a deeply personal way. With stunning landscape shots and up close and personal with people overcoming major challenges every day.

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