New Zealand.  The couple was discovering the world's largest potato in their area

New Zealand. The couple was discovering the world’s largest potato in their area

In New Zealand, the couple got a funny surprise in their garden. Coleen and Donna Craig Brown were removing their vegetable patch when a pitchfork hit something. To their surprise, locals soon discovered a huge potato underground, according to reports Huffington Post Thursday 4 November.

The tuber wasn’t very pretty, the couple had to rub a little and taste this exotic vegetable to make sure it was really a potato. Then they took this unusual find to their garage and weighed it. Surprise: their scale showed a weight of 7.8 kg. So it could be the biggest potato ever discovered.

Stored in the freezer

Nicknamed “Dog”, the huge potatoes quickly became a real draw around their farm. A small cart is built so that you can move the tuber. “You know, poor fellow, he doesn’t have arms or legs and that kind of thing, so I made him a little carriage, so we could take it out and give him some sunshine now and then.”Colin Craig Brown explained.

The record for the largest potato was set in 2011 in Great Britain, with a tubercle weighing 5 kg. So the New Zealand couple contacted the Guinness Book of Records to try to get the approval of Doug, who is patiently waiting for an answer in the fridge.

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