Covid - Omicron: New species spotted, two children under nine died, 'XE was not expected' in New Zealand

Covid – Omicron: New species spotted, two children under nine died, ‘XE was not expected’ in New Zealand

Barely getting off the plane, the passenger tested positive. The new alternative makes a very noticeable entry on the other side of the world.

The health crisis Is he really behind us? if restrictive measures were raised in EuropeThe virus Keep spreading thanks new variables. Or new versions of the virus that have adapted to their environment in order to spread more than ever.

Therefore, as the virus spreads, variants appear. Some are more guarded than others. Like the Variant XE. A mixture of two strains ofOmicron (Bachelor 1 And Bachelor 2) Considered “10% more infection” As BA.2 from the World Health Organization. XE is already deployed: The United kingdom Already announced more than a thousand casesThe Canada He’s also already affected, just like Japan.

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Two children under 9 years old

The New Zealand, it formalized its first case of the XE variant on Saturday, April 23. An “imported” case by a traveler from Europe, who landed in the Land of Long White Cloud on April 19 before being tested (positive) at 20. “XE is spreading to the other side of the world and its arrival in New Zealand was unexpected”The New Zealand Ministry of Health said in a statement. While 55 travelers who have tested positive for the virus are currently in isolation.

A country that recorded nearly 8,000 cases on Saturday, but also 19 deaths over the past seven days. An important number when you know that New Zealand has recorded only 665 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Even more alarming, two children under the age of nine succumbed to the disease.

Whole genome sequencing confirmed the first detection of Omicron’s XE variant in New Zealand.
“At this stage, public health settings already in place for the management of other Omicron variants are being evaluated to be appropriate for the administration of XE and no changes are required,” the Department of Health said.

– RNZ (radionz) April 23, 2022

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