New Zealand sea lion: Robb 'over there!  - panorama

New Zealand sea lion: Robb ‘over there! – panorama

The road is a man-made danger that is literally on the doorstep. So you can’t just learn crucial things from it early on (“Say thanks, say please, don’t walk in the middle of the path”). He also became an example of the good deed of helping a person across the street; Children, the elderly and reptiles.

In the seventies and eighties, wearing a frog became a symbol of environmental protection for the individual. In 1981, the video game Frogger appeared, where you have to steer pixel frogs safely on a four-lane highway. This kills time instead of saving the frogs, but maybe you can practice real actions in the virtual world.

The New Zealand sea lion is not recommended due to its 190kg body weight. But this is also not necessary, since he can crawl through the asphalt on his own. Unfortunately, when in doubt, cars are faster than a giant animal without proper legs. Add to that the New Zealand sea lion endangeredWhich made Dunedin City Council, the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, an extraordinary city take action: The two-lane John Wilson Ocean Drive closed for an entire month. A sea lion and her cub stayed on the adjacent golf course. And the panoramic street is now on your way to the beach that you use to visit regularly. They want to ensure that the “special residents” can safely get to the other side of the street. Really good job.

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