New Zealand press crushes "All Blacks", Argentina's champions in their country بلاده

New Zealand press crushes “All Blacks”, Argentina’s champions in their country بلاده

The New Zealand media were unleashed on the day after the All Blacks’ historic ‘shameful’ defeat against Argentina (25-15), Saturday in Sydney, during the third day of the Rugby Championships.


The Pumas had never defeated New Zealand before, 30 years agoeThe confrontation between the two teams. By defeating the All Blacks, Argentina became the seventh country to beat three-time world champion New Zealand. This disdain is the result of “being ashamed of the heritage of all blacks,” he said New Zealand Herald. “Simply awful,” Stuff criticized while Television New Zealand called the performance a “horror show,” presented by the “indifferent” All Blacks.

After losing 24-22 last week to Australia, this is the first time in 9 years and 122 games that the New Zealanders have lost twice in a row. “There was nothing with the All Blacks,” Gregor Ball said in the Herald. “Nothing at all, and seldom in the last ten, perhaps even twenty years, they have been so shaken and outgunned.”

Argentina ‘reduced the All Blacks into a bunch of chaotic players, with no imagination or inspiration’

Argentina “reduced them into a group of chaotic players, without imagination or inspiration, who couldn’t handle, pass, win touches and, even worse, couldn’t bring the same passion and intensity.” A sports columnist.

As for the former All Blacks, John Kirwan, who spoke on Sky Sport, showed Argentina represented England in the World Cup semi-finals last year, that when the All Blacks are under pressure “they have no plan B”. This match would become “one of the most pathetic shows” in recent history, as Jimmy Wall, of Radio New Zealand, judged, who The future of coach Ian Foster can be written in dotted lines.

“The puma was better than the best in the world”


On the contrary, it is clear that the Argentine press was ecstatic after Pumas’ achievement. “Don’t forget”, “Historical”, exceeded the headlines in rave reviews. “As is often the case with this team, adversity fueled a great performance,” wrote La Nacion, noting that the Argentine national team had not played a single match in 13 months. However, this “feat (…) cannot be explained by state of mind alone. Argentina set their own pace, slowed down their opponent’s progress and executed their game plan perfectly “, added the daily.

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The performance of Nicholas Sanchez, the match champion and author of all points for his team (one attempt, six penalties and one conversion) was greeted in unison. For his part, he estimated, “It is impossible not to put this match at the top of the list of the exploits of Argentine sport in the midst of an unprecedented season.” ClarinWhich carried one title “Don’t Forget”. Newspaper Page 12It is reported that “Argentina has waited a long time for this moment” and that this thirtye Duel “at last arrived to break the course of history”.


For Olé sports newspaper, the win will remain “in the annals of national sport”, as will the work of coach Mario Ledesma, who made sure the team “does everything right”. “The Pumas were better than the best in the world. They proved it in every game and scored as historic a win as it was fair. The feat accomplished. But why not go further after we wrote a new page in Argentine rugby history,” asks Olé . The answer is next Saturday against Australia…

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