Japan prepares summer vaccination card

Japan prepares summer vaccination card

Japan prepares its own vaccination card which will simplify international travel, Based on the European Covid digital certificate model. As I mentioned Nikki AsiaThe government aims to give a boost to business travel and other economic activities.

Plans include a file version A paper certificate this summer, followed by a digital copy, perhaps via a smartphone app, before the end of the year.

Passports will be issued by local governments that have information on the residents and are responsible for administering vaccines. Information such as the person’s name, vaccine manufacturer, and vaccination date will be listed. Japan’s central government must ensure accuracy by linking certificates to the national immunization registry system.

An official from the HIS travel agency said: “The 14-day quarantine period after returning home is the biggest obstacle to overseas travel. The situation will change if restrictions are eased with the introduction of the vaccine passport programme.”

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