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New Zealand: Police condemn the use of macarena to disperse protesters

Attempts to disperse anti-vaccine protesters who have been camping for a week in the lawns of New Zealand’s parliament, by playing haunting songs in a loop, will not appeal to police caught in the crossfire.

And based on a decision of Parliament, the authorities used, on Sunday, automatic machine guns and tried to stun the demonstrators by broadcasting infernal music, especially “Baby Shark”, “Macarena” and “Mandy” by Manilo.

But hundreds of protesters, inspired by Canada’s self-proclaimed “Freedom Caravans,” danced in the mud to tunes meant to force them to disperse, and fought back with their favorite beats.

Superintendent Cory Parnell, Wellington Police Chief, did not appreciate this vulgar tactic by Parliament, which appears to have bolstered the protesters’ resolve.

“These are certainly not tactics or methodologies that we support, and we would have preferred that not happen,” he told Radio New Zealand, again urging protesters to move the vehicles that always block the road.

“It is not a matter of (…) arresting people to get out (of this situation),” he declared, calling on the organizers to negotiate.

Police have taken a non-violent approach since attempting to forcibly clear lawns on Thursday, which led to violent clashes and the arrest of more than 120 people, but they have strengthened the resolve of the protesters.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declined to comment on the musical duel on Sunday, but opposition figures did not hesitate, blaming Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard for approving the measure.

“Shameful, embarrassing and ineffective Mallard’s actions,” National Representative Chris Bishop wrote on Twitter.

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Not only were Mallard’s actions immature, not ineffective, but made the dangerous situation much worse,” said David Seymour, leader of the opposition ACT party.

“His frivolous behavior encouraged the protesters,” he said.

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