New Zealand: Orini Kaibara presents the news with moko kauae

New Zealand: Orini Kaibara presents the news with moko kauae

This is the first time a tattooed journalist has published a news story on New Zealand television.

At the end of 2021, journalist Oreni Kaibara presented the evening newscast of “Newshub Live” channel in New Zealand at 6 pm, which is equivalent to 8 pm in France, for example. According to Courrier International, this is the first time a journalist has published like this Peak time The traditional Maori tattoo on the chin, moko kauae, is on a New Zealand channel at this time. Because already, in 2019, the broadcaster made history by becoming the first woman to wear a moko kauae, presenting a newscast on TV. A new milestone has been crossed in recent days, since Orini Kaibara provided the information in prime time. “If there was one goal for me, it was to deliver news at prime time, and that’s what happened.Oreni Kaibara said.

Now, by addressing millions of New Zealanders in this way, she has said that “shattered glass ceiling“.”It is a turning point for us for Māori but also for all people of color. Whether you have moko kauae or not“I told the Stuff.

I realized for a while that it was more than just the fact of providing information. It’s also a huge victory for this generation and the next ten – don’t let your identity or your culture stop you from doing anything.”

Orini Kaibara

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