Fidel Espinosa’s deputy has summoned the New Zealand Embassy in Chile to demand the urgent extradition of former Manuka Dairy Executive Director Zachary Robin Ward, through the mass slaughter of calves in Puerto Octay, in the Los Lagos region. The parliamentarian noted that the man acted cruelly not only towards animals, but also towards workers, whom he would have forced to commit the facts under investigation.

It has been more than 15 months since the court requested the extradition of Zachary Ward, the former CEO of New Zealand manuka, which was formalized in absentia for the mistreatment and slaughter of 600 to 1,500 male calves during 2012 and 2013, on the company’s farm in Puerto Octay, in Los Lagos District.

However, so far, the judge of the peripheral state has not responded, so the deputy complaining about the case, Fidel Espinosa, was summoned New Zealand Ambassador to Chilee, Linda T. Pony, to become a party and demand the urgent extradition of the perpetrator of the largest animal slaughter.

The parliamentarian added that the former CEO not only behaved brutally with animals, but also with workers, whom he would have forced to commit such acts.

Describing Espinosa as “a disrespect by the New Zealand government after a long time since the official request from the Chilean Justice and Foreign Affairs Ministry to extradite a citizen of that country, There is still no kind of answer.”

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