New Zealand Manuka Honey – Economy

Honey is a product based on the exploitation of hardworking workers. Thousands of bees toil their backs, only until they are finally stunned by the smoked goods and robbed unprotected of all their wages. That is, by someone who refines the product a little, and then eventually resells it as his own, and above all manages the profit in his own pocket.

Fate of the Bee, if one were to be an aggressive critic of capitalism, could be a wonderful analogy for the state of an economic system in which some want more and more and tolerate it at the expense of others. Especially since the bee is defending more symbolic things in the fight against the ravages of capitalism: the dangers of destroying the environment. But bees may even help resolve this supposed contradiction between profit maximization and ecosystem preservation.

Taking a look at New Zealand is essential for this. Manuka honey is produced there, which everyone wants to buy due to its supposedly very healthy properties, and therefore pays up to 100 times more than regular honey. Decent fringe can be made with sticky mass. So success came with a problem: For years, New Zealand beekeepers have reported thefts over and over again – bad guys steal tons of honey, but above all, whole bee colonies, because it’s a good business.

The fact that such predatory capitalists are so interested in the fate of the bees is sad for the beekeepers concerned, but it is good news for the future of the global community: even a vicious capitalist can be persuaded to protect the environment (“Save the bees!”), He just needs enough financial incentives for that. However, the problem of female worker exploitation has not yet been solved.

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