Is Diet Coke Healthier Than Fresh Orange Juice?

Farmers are against the proposed amendment

Orange juice: coming soon 3 instead of 5 stars in the health rating

Diet Cola may soon be a better and healthier relative in Australia than domestically produced orange juice – at least if the proposed changes to the Australian counterpart of the German food traffic light, “Health Star Ratings,” go. Because the Joint Food Regulatory Forum of New Zealand and Australia has proposed that fruit juices be reclassified, that is, according to sugar content. If this suggestion succeeds, fresh orange juice in Dawn Under and New Zealand could drop close to five stars to three to five stars.

Farmers call the proposal insane

Australian farmers are now calling on relevant ministers to stop the proposed changes. Tony Mahar, Executive Director of the National Farmers’ Federation, an Australian non-profit that represents farmers and the agricultural sector in Australia, called “madness”.

“It is crazy to think that this star rating, which is designed to educate consumers about the health of products, indicates that diet soft drinks are healthier than fresh, unsweetened Australian juice,” he told Australia’s Nine Network. He added: “We understand that people want a healthy lifestyle, but at the moment 94 per cent of Australian consumers do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Nutritional score on food: how to read it right!

Is frozen pizza really as healthy as a vitamin drink? Lots of people think it’s after Food Minister Julia Kluckner (CDU) introduced the food traffic light in August: Nutri-Score. So you should see at a glance how true something is – or not. Unfortunately, the whole thing is causing the confusion at the moment. That is why in the video we show you how to properly read Nutri-Score.

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